About Us

 Dies Today, sometimes refered to as IDT, is a Metalcore/Rock band from Buffalo, New York. The band started in September 2001 when the band members were still in their teens. Their current members include Jason Wood on lead vocals, Chris Cappelli on the guitar, Steve Lemke on the bass, Mike Hatalak on the lead guitar and Nick Mirusso playing the drums/percussion.

In their short but impressive career they released 3 studio albums: “The Caitiff Choir” in 2004, “Sirens” in 2006 and “Lividity” to be released in 2009. Some of their songs were also featured in compilations such as: “Masters of Horror Soundtrack” in 2005, “The Best Of Taste Of Chaos” in 2006, “Headbanger’s Ball: The Revenge” in 2006, “A Santa Cause 2: It’s A Punk Rock Christmas” in 2006, “Resident Evil: Extinction Soundtrack” in 2007.

For more information about the band visit their myspace site for music samples, lyrics, tour dates, and other news.

If for some reason you want to contact us for any questions or anything else, please contact us.