All About Band It dies today

It dies today music band

It Dies today is a music metalcore band based in the USA, it is abbreviated as IDT and is made up of 5 members. The names of all the 5 members are Nicholas Brooks, Mike Hatalak, Chris Cappelli, Nick Mirusso and Steve Lemke. The band was formed in Buffalo, New York in 2001 in September. It was in 2004 that they got their big breakthrough with the release of their album the caitiff choir. In 2006, the band released their sophomore effort called sirens and after it was released, Nicholas Brooks separated from the band and only came back in 2010. The band then went on to release lividity in 2009 which led to their indefinite hiatus that happened in 2010. Nicholas Brooks returned to the band back in 2012, the band was reunited, and new recordings began for a new album to be released.

All About Band It dies today

History of the band from formation

It dies today was formed in 2001 and the original members were Nickolas Brooks who was the vocalist, Chris Cappelli and Steve Lemke were the guitarist. Most of the band members were only 16 when it was being formed, and their first release was a 3-track demo back in late 2001 which was called let the angels whisper. And the following year they got to tour all over the United States of America.

Entering 2003, the band got a new member who was Mike Hatalak whom they had met while on your, Steve Lemke switched to bass still as a guitarist. The fall of 2004 saw the band releasing their first full length debut album the caitiff choir. This album sold about, 25,000 thousand copies within 4 months and was a break through as it saw them hit the international market and become more established in the industry.

 In 2005, they went on several tours and also collaborated with other bands during tours. The group also supported metal bands such as God Forbid, Machine Head and The Haunted. The following year they spent their time writing and recording for their following up album that they wanted to release as soon the filling upcoming year.

In October 2006, they released sirens which were followed by tours open tours. On January 17, 2007 it was announced that Brooks had left the band and that his new replacement would be Jason Wood who was a member of other famous brands prior to joining  it dies today Later that year, they spent all their time preparing for their 3rd album and in early 2008 they went on tour before getting back to work on their album for the rest of that year. With several delays, the album was finally released in September 2009. 

In September 2010, former vocalist Nick Brooks and current It Dies Today member, Mike Hatalak formed a new hardcore band called The March. Since then they have recorded and posted demos on the band’s MySpace page.

In December 2010, Nicholas Mirusso posted on the band’s Facebook account, “We are currently on an indefinite hiatus as rumors had been spreading everywhere about the bands break.

2012 – Now

In November 2011, the band announced its reunion with the original member and vocalist Nicholas Brooks coming back. In January after their live performances, Mike Hatalak announced publicly that the band would be separating and was no longer a band. This statement was later retracted in less than a month and the ban announced the release of their new album in December 2012 which never got to see the light of the day.

 A video featuring a new recording by Mike Hatalak, was posted on the band’s Facebook page, on January 2014.  On April 29, 2014, Son of Dawn, brilliant star was released. The band also announced a set of shows in September to celebrate the 10th anniversary and the release of The Caitiff Choir on the same day as well. Son of Dawn brilliant star was the first release to feature their original vocalist Nicholas Brooks since 8 years back when he featured in sirens.

Nicholas Brooks announced on February 13, 2015, that the band will be splitting up again for an indefinite time. Because Of family issues, personal life and other situations. All the albums that were to be released have also been put on hold since then.

Over the years they’ve been associated with two major labels, Trustkill and Life Sentence Records. All of their former members include

  •  Jason Wood
  • Seth Thompson
  • Joe Cuonze and
  • Steve Sanchez.

Two of their songs have been featured in popular movie franchise such as Jennifer’s body in 2009, while another song called sixth of June was featured in Resident Evil Extinction movie.

They also collaborated with other bands like God forbid, machine head and the haunted.

She has toured with artists like Between the Buried and Me and Alexisonfire.

They also took part in events like Still Remains, Queen City Station, Thoughts In Reverse and The March, Dinosaur Mace.

It dies today band has continued to go on and off over the years, and most of their fans keep wondering if they’ll ever be able to be to the move again. Despite all these, they still have many fans all over the globe who will be waiting anxiously for just a song of theirs whenever they finally get to release their much awaited unreleased metalcore albums yet.